Using regions in AL code

Did you know that you can use CSharp-like regions in AL code? Somehow, a generic VSCode feature applies to AL files as well!

Compiler seems to accept //#region + //#endregion pairs since those are just comment lines. Publishing and debugging works fine.

Both //region and //#region styles work, so it depends on your preference which one to choose.



Another great feature to have better organized AL code. 😎

Development Environment – Server cannot be found

“Server cannot be found” error always reminds me that I forgot to enable Tcp protocol on SQL Server or to open the firewall ports. However, I had a fringe case a couple of moths ago, where none of the generic solutions helped…

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NAV C/Side color theme for VS Code

I have created a light VS Code color theme using C/Side colors. Available on Marketplace.

All the AL demos use the dark theme, which is not bad, but I have always preferred light themes. Then it hit me: hey, it’s VS Code! You can create your own themes and plugins, so why not? 🙂

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NAV 2018 – installation from DVD

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Just like many of us, I was eager to get my hands on a fresh copy of NAV 2018, the release that almost never happened. I woke up early on last Friday and there it was already on PartnerSource! A good old installation DVD available for download.

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