Dear Visitor,

My name is Márton Sági. I’m a freelance Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer, technical consultant, I’ve been working with NAV for almost 10 years.

I’m available for remote work on Dynamics NAV or LS Retail projects.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV development and application setup (v4.0 – 2018),
  • LS Retail/Hospitality development and application setup (v4.0 – 2017),
  • LS Retail localization and fiscalization,
  • Integrating NAV with third-party solutions: e-commerce, e-invoice, EDI, PDA,
  • Version upgrades from classic to RTC.

Hungary has rigorous regulatory in place for fiscal cash registers. I have got years of actual experience localizing LS Retail to the Hungarian market.
Should you or your customers plan expanding store operations in this country, please contact me with confidence.


Bit of history

There are two main story-lines in my professional life. I’m a NAV developer in general, but I’m also fond of these web technologies: JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP.
My intention is to remain up-to-date in both worlds, however, I’m more focused on Dynamics NAV currently.

ERP Development

My story with Navision started during my college years when I worked as an intern at a local NAV/LS Retail partner.

I will never forget my first assignment: it was a NAV4.0+LS4.0 to NAV5.0+LS5.5 upgrade, involving manually merging 5000+ objects, in the summer, with everyone else on holiday. 🙂 3 weeks later… I finished that task successfully, so I got more and more assignments and soon after my fate was sealed. I became a full-time NAV developer.

Web development

JavaScript was the first programming language I started to learn 10 years ago, which introduced me to web technologies. I’ve been maintaining these skill-sets since then, in parallel with my ERP know-how.

Acknowledging the immense support I’ve received from the developer community during my career, I’m committed to contribute back as much as I can. You can find me on GitHub and StackOverflow.
In 2016, my focus was on web development, especially with ASP.NET stack, modern JavaScript, plain ES6 and Aurelia Framework.